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=[Darmautics]= Goth Loop
=[Tidings of Yay]= Classical Loop
=[Holy Progression]= Classical Song
Tocatta Per Rollins (Short) Classical Song
=[Coarse]= Classical Loop
=[Watch Out]= Video Game Loop
=[Tense]= Trance Loop
=[Dying Warfare]= Drum N Bass Song
[Tribal Dance Call] <.V Ambient Loop
=[A Wave of the Future]= Dance Song
=[Falling Under Stars]= Ambient Song

2006 Submissions

March of the Death Trance Song
Rickity Mill Drum N Bass Song
Indio Trance Loop
Yizzik Trance Song
Trancing Gateway Drum N Bass Song
Gun Shy Ambient Song
Zigga-mih-JIGGA Trance Song
Pull Hard General Rock Song
Give up Herbert? Trance Song
Tango Bango Dance Song
Osmosh Trance Song
Epsillon Drum N Bass Song
Globber Freak Trance Song
Inzomaniac (revised) Trance Song
Dance of the Robots Trance Song